• Height: 85
  • Width: 58
  • Depth: 65
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Anka is a chair with star-shaped legs, a special chair with modern design and functionality. Anka has a very new and popular design and offers a comfortable sitting experience.

Product info about Anka

Star chairs are chairs with legs that are usually arranged in the shape of five stars. The legs are usually made of sturdy metal and have casters.

Anka is equipped with casters that allow the user to maneuver easily. This allows the user to turn and move around the desk or work area comfortably.

Anka has a height adjustable seat. This helps the user find a comfortable sitting position. Anka is usually made of durable materials and designed to last a long time. Most models are made of high quality materials to ensure a long life.

Anka offers different design and color options. Thus, users can choose a chair that suits their personal preferences and interior design.

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Additional information

Dimensions 65 × 58 × 85 cm

Black, Orange