Adresse: Messegelände, 30521 Hanover

Termin Details

Start: 20/06/2022
Ende: 25/06/2022
Ort: Hannover
Thema: The Red Rooster is a leading international trade fair for fire and disaster protection.

This trade show in Hannover, Germany, will feature the latest technologies and innovations in many areas such as fire protection equipment, rescue vehicles, emergency medical care and safety technologies.

Visitors to the show will have the opportunity to examine firefighting equipment, fire suppression systems, emergency medical equipment, rescue vehicles and safety software. They can also attend seminars and panel discussions on topics such as emergency services, fire safety strategies, disaster management and cybersecurity.

Interschutz brings together leaders from the fire, rescue and emergency services industries, rescue professionals and safety experts. It also provides a platform for discussions on topics such as fire safety standards, disaster management and safety innovations.