Adresse: Messe Düsseldorf, Beckbuschstraße, 40474 Düsseldorf

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Start: 27/08/2022
Ende: 04/09/2022
Ort: Düsseldorf
Thema: Caravan Salon: motorhomes, camping and outdoor experience

The Caravan Salon is a trade show aimed at motorhome, camping and outdoor enthusiasts, as well as companies. These events provide platforms where manufacturers of motorhomes, caravans, outdoor equipment and related products are presented, promoted and sold.

Caravanning fairs usually include not only motor homes and caravans, but also equipment and materials for outdoor activities. These fairs provide an opportunity to learn about new products and technologies in the field of motorhomes and caravans, examine motorhome and caravan models, and purchase camping and outdoor equipment.

At the same time, the Caravan Salon is a meeting place for professionals in the outdoor industry. Such events are important for those who want to follow the latest developments and trends in the motorhome and caravan industry. These fairs are held in various cities around the world and are very popular among outdoor enthusiasts.