Adresse: Messezentrum 1, 90471 Nürnberg

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Start: 26/06/2022
Ende: 29/06/2022
Ort: Nürnberg
Thema: Biofach: The largest international trade fair for organic food and agriculture

Biofach, the world’s largest and leading trade fair for organic food and farming. The fair provides a platform for organic food, organic farming, organic certified products and organic suppliers. Biofach focuses on the positive impact of organic farming on sustainability, health and the environment.

Biofach trade shows are full of organic food producers, marketers and distributors, booths, seminars and workshops. These fairs provide important opportunities for consumers and professionals interested in organic agriculture and food. They also reflect trends and innovations for the future of organic agriculture and food.

Biofach organizes a series of trade shows in various countries around the world, with the largest and best known held annually in Nuremberg, Germany. This trade show brings together leaders and stakeholders in the organic food industry and promotes the presentation of organic products.

* For the delivery of this fair we charge transport costs amounting to 10% of the net order value.