How Do You Think The Ideal Exhibition Stand Should Be?


In these times when we are technologically advanced, companies now want to be in every product market with the effect of globalization. In doing so, they use trade fairs as the most useful method. Trade fairs have become an indispensable organization for effective and growth-oriented companies in terms of promotion and marketing. Today, with the increasing transportation opportunities, thousands of fairs have started to be organized in different sectors in almost every region of the world, both nationally and internationally. This is a unique opportunity for small, medium and large businesses. Because, thanks to the fairs, you have the opportunity to introduce your service to hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of visitors from all over the world. But here’s the thing. Why should the exhibitor coming to the fair stop by your booth?

As in every field, there is competition between companies in the field of fair stands. In this area, companies apply different strategies and methods to keep up with the competitive conditions. If you want to attract potential customers, here are some tips from us:

A stand suitable for your corporate identity

Small stands form the structure of Trade Fairs. A participant who comes to the fair is exposed to the stands of so many companies that he may not be able to decide where to go. In such cases, create your stand in a corporate structure to get ahead. When potential customers at the fair see your stand, they can directly understand your corporate structure. The best way to reflect your corporate identity is to choose the right colors and furniture. If the fair furniture you choose or rent reflects your identity, you are one step ahead.

Design and Aesthetics

The design of the stand you have set up is as important as reflecting your corporate identity. A well-designed stand attracts customers and helps you look different at the fair. 

The stand is actually a design, a product of architecture. That’s why aesthetics has to stop. This is possible with a well thought and well designed stand. A good stand should attract the attention of visitors, be suitable for exhibiting the products in the best way, give the right information and ideas to the exhibitors, and create an impact on the visitors. Necessary physical conditions should be prepared for commercial connections and business negotiations, especially at the stands prepared at fairs. In short, the importance of a well-designed stand for the company should not be forgotten.

Location of Your Stand

An issue that is as important as other criteria is the location of your stand. The location where you will position your stand should be a central place if possible. You can also determine which direction the traffic will flow from the entrance to the fair area and adjust your location accordingly.

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